January 31st, 2002


Rain! Yay!


Yay, it's raining! Wash away the snow, please =D

This morning was kinda hairy. The client hollered that they found a problem during regression. We actually had it fixed and it would have went out with the next release, but they wanted it now.

So, I spent all morning traipsing through Source Safe and running a million builds to find out where it got broken and pick it out from all the other changes. Then we sent a patch and I had to manually go through and tell them what changes were made, what changes were not included... bleah.

And in between builds, I helped Karma a bit with his resume. It offends me when the world/cosmic forces/whatever treat good people badly*. He's an amazing Project Manager/Account Manager type. He has incredible learning ability. The wacky economy just isn't helping.

* This might sound strange, but I do take it personally when good people are treated badly. A little too personally maybe, sometimes. Nothing wrong with helping out a friend, but there have been times when this has gotten me into a schtick.