February 10th, 2002


Hanging Out at the Mall


Bungo and I went to Staples in Richmond this morning to order the filing cabinet. It'll be delivered on Tuesday. Yay! We also picked up hanging file folders and label tabs.

Then we went to Yaohan to get his CompTic (Japanese gaming magazine from Iwase Books). Even at 1100h, it was starting to get crowded. After that, we drove over to Lansdowne mall and had a Butter Chicken & Rice lunch at Curry Express. I've gotten Bungo hooked on Butter Chicken. Mwahahaha! >=} I suggested that we go home for lunch because there were piles and piles of leftovers, but he play-pouted and play-whined until I said, "Look, you're the one driving."

We decided to walk around the mall, make fun of things and laugh. We did a once-over at the Dollar Store - notebooks that didn't pass quality control, chipped and warped looking mugs, "lemon" tea that had pictures of limes on the box, and various strange toys, we laughed at not feeling safe getting consumeable foodstuffs at a place like The Dollar Store. =D

We saw a gumball machine that gives little ceramic mugs in eggs for a twooney. The mugs are 1-1/4" high and they have Winnie the Pooh characters on them. I got Kanga. =)

We went into Toys-Backwards-R-Us just to look around. We saw picture frames with common boys' names on them and kinda talked about what we wanted to name our children. He didn't like this one; I didn't like that one; this one has too much religious overtones; "Christian? How about we name our son 'Buddhist' instead? or 'Roman Catholic'? He can be 'Ro' for short." And on and on it went.

We finally found one that we both liked better than any of the other ones by far. It was blank. =D So, we go off on this whole new joke that we'll just call him "The Child". =D

A little further down, someone had misplaced a bicycle horn. It's one of those really loud ones that are usually on clown bicycles. Bungo has to squeeze it and make a huge noise. A little boy, his mother and his Aunt were walking behind us. The little boy decides that he has to have a go at the horn too. His mother barks at him, "Hey, DON'T do what THAT MAN did!!"... she turns to us and goes "I'm just kidding! =D"

We went around and looked at random things. We saw construction toys from Tonka and some that were labelled "Home Depot" sets with child sized monkey wrenches, rachets, screwdrivers, etc. I haven't actually tried using them, so I couldn't speak to the quality of their tools, but they looked pretty sturdy and like they could actually be used in real life. I had a set of 8 mini screwdrivers with different heads when I was 12 for Electronics. I can't remember what age they were tagged for, but I wouldn't want my little girl unscrewing an electric socket with those... =P

Bungo and I both agreed that kids have some really interesting toys nowadays. And the first person to buy our kids Barbie gets a box of salted slugs for Christmas. =)


I Be Clustered


I think I've just been moved over to one of the LJ Clusters. I must be in the Top 68,386 Most Chatty LJ'ers. =)

For about 20 minutes, I couldn't post. It kept saying "Cannot contact server" in the Win32 client. It's still noticeably slow right now. It takes at least 15-20 seconds for the entry to come up when I do ^L and much longer than before when I get the History with ^H. Then the entry listings take another 5 seconds. I hope this is going to improve.

[Update - Monday, February 11, 2002 | 1006h]

Okay, so I haven't been clustered yet. It was just LJ acting... normal. =P