February 21st, 2002



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I woke up in the middle of a dream this morning. Sometimes I like waking up in the middle because then I get to continue/finish it the way I want. =)


Clustering & Work Fun

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Okay, NOW I'm clustered. =)

Work Fun

I opened up a PDF test file today and saw an image that looked, to me, like a Robo-Lizard head (it was grey and white) with a frilly orange thing around its neck. Then I read the caption and it was supposed to be a fedora hat. *sigh* I need more water.


Ooo! Ooo! Lookie!

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Lookie what my cool hubby made:

He did all the work, but his name is probably on the very last credit screen, sharing real estate with the copyright message.

After all the guys from Nintendo who sat on their thumbs for months and then still did nothing for a while longer.

After all the Presidents and Producers who have no idea what makes a fun game and made up all sorts of crazy shit that couldn't be done by next week.

After all the idiots at Score (who own the card game) who keep changing the card rules on a bi-weekly basis.

After all the crazy outsourced testers who report bullshit like, "It consistently crashed once" - and NO, you guys are not forgiven for inflating your bug counts by logging one bug per spelling error and duplicating issues!