March 4th, 2002


Vague To Do List

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I haven't written a To Do list here since the wedding.

My little brother and I want to trade bedrooms at my parents' house. He's a 15 year old boy who needs his own space and a little privacy. Anyone who knows anything about 15 year old boys, knows that this isn't quite possible when your Mother uses your closet. My Mother used his closet when he was a baby, but my brother gradually became a not-baby and she's still using his closet. =P

So. After a long discussion about how being a teen sucks, we decided that the best way to solve this one particular issue was to trade bedrooms. My bedroom door has a key lock on it. I got it when I was an angry 15 year old with a 3 year old brother who kept getting into my stuff. I'll give him the keys to my room. This way, he won't have to spend money buying his own lock.

As well, he'll get his own closet. And if we can arrange his stuff in my room right, he can also inherit my 5-drawer armoir. I'm not entirely sure if there's enough space because that room is very oddly shaped. It's a rectangular room with the corners cut, so the net effect is that you can't fit as much in it because of the strange shape of the corners.

Take a box of garbage bags and boxes with lids over to parents place and massively clean up my room:

     <input ... >ask Office Manager for photocopier/printer paper boxes ... I can have the boxes, but I've discovered that most of the boxes are missing lids =P
     <input ... >clothes to take to consignment
     <input ... >things I don't want
     <input ... >things I want to keep, but must archive

I also wanted to get that desk shelf:
     <input ... >talk to xinit about what he has
     <input ... >maybe go to Ikea and look at what they have (and that's a big Maybe because Ikea's pretty far away)

I know there's stuff I'm forgetting, so I'll update this as I remember.