March 6th, 2002


The Time Machine

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H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine" is coming out this Friday. No spoilers here, but I don't think it matters - who doesn't know the story? I'd like to see this movie. I really enjoyed the novel when it was read to me in Elementary school, then when I read it myself in the summer before highschool. I've seen the Henning Schellerup 1978 TV movie version, but it had that old 60's/70's Sci-Fi Cheese factor. Still, it was a great Sunday afternoon movie.

Speaking of H. G. Wells, I don't have a good memory of whether or not I read "War of the Worlds". I don't think I did because if I did, I think I'd remember it in a lot more detail. But I know enough about it to think that I at least read something... or maybe I know about it just through osmosis.


My Weight

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I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 112 pounds where I'm most comfortable. This puts my BMI at 20.5. They say I can be anything from 101 up to 135 pounds and still be considered normal, but I know I shouldn't be outside of 110 - 115 pounds.

Has anyone ever heard that it's bad for you to eat a meal close to bedtime? I vaguely know of this. I'm a bit worried because Bungo and I go home late and, as a result, have dinner late (2030h or 2100h). We go to bed around 2300h to midnight, so it's a few hours.