April 27th, 2002


I met Nicholas!!

[weather| sunny ][water| 0 @ 0000h ]
[mood| happy ][music|   Ben Heppner - Ô Paradis, Airs Français ]

I met ntang earlier this evening at Milestone's in Richmond. He's in town with his father and two boys, visiting his grandparents and family.

We yakked about this, that and the other thing through dinner. Apparently, this is the first time Nick had seen the sun and Vancouver on speaking terms with each other =) Every other time he's been here, it's been raining or cloudy.

And according to Nick, our Bubble Tea sucks. A lot of the "Bubble Tea" here is just smoothies or milk shakes with pearls. In New York, every flavour actually has tea in it; they add whatever flavour to the tea. And the pearls are not as soggy. Huh. Not having ever tried anything else, I wouldn't have known. =/

From there, the conversation went every which way. From "Nick has the cutest kids in the world until I have my own" all the way to "Healthcare sucks everywhere in different ways". =D

It was great to meet him in person after talking to him online all this time. =)