May 19th, 2002


Husband Guy Funny

weather: cloudy
mood: giggly
music:Brahms - Symphony No. 2 in D

Husband Guy and I were dozing and chatting this morning in bed before we got up. We started talking about aging and how our bodies are not what they used to be.

Him: *reach foot towards face* I used to be able to touch my nose with my toes. *more strained reaching* I can't anymore...

Him: I can touch your nose with my toes.

I open my eyes a little to see this great big foot looming towards my face.

Me: I can slap your foot with my hand.


Back from Dim Sum

weather: cloudy/rainy
mood: giggly

Hanging out at the Parental Units' place after dim sum at Imperial Restaurant with the vancouver_eats bunch =) There were six of us there: mofo_x, latraviata, leafytreeful, smileygirl, and jait.

I had a great time. It was wonderful to see latraviata finally! leafytreeful was a lot of fun. And it was really nice to put faces to all the user id's. =)

I have to say, smileygirl, leafytreeful and jait were very brave and tried everything we put in front of them (I hadn't realized that jait had never tried tripe)... leafytreeful, The Foot Eater, had way too much fun with the chicken feet.

I'm really proud of us, we didn't waste much food at all. And paying for the bill was very civilized =D