June 9th, 2002


Win32: pyLJ

weather: sunny
mood: giggly
music: Maria Callas - La Traviata, Sempre Libra

Testing with the Python pyLJ 0.4.0 client.

Um, I was going to bed, but I just had to get another one =)


Hair Wrapping

weather: sunny
mood: pensive
music: Massenet - Meditation from Thäis (Itzhak Perlman)

My hair is over 2 feet long. I'm hemming and hawing and thinking about getting a change in style. I've had maybe 3 haircuts in the last 10 years. All-one-length bobs. Then I just let it grow and grow and grow for a few years until it get to my waist, get it hacked, start all over again.

I kinda want to get layers. Or something that will look decent if I don't do any styling. And if I need to look glam, I can just go to a hairdresser and get a little pick-me-up done.

I was thinking of keeping a lock before I get it cut. I know hair wrapping is probably very last century, but I asked the vancouver community where I can get this done. I wanted beads or bells, maybe a segment of hair that's braided outside the embroidery or other funky things happening in it. missenigma said that there are still vendors outside Lonsdale Quay on Saturday afternoons. *teehee*

The last time I asked about this, they charged per inch. 26" would be quite a bit, so I don't know... I'll have to ask first... =P


When I Have Time (Hahaha)

weather: sunny
mood: pensive
music: Kiri Te Kanawa - Madama Butterfly, Po Ata Ran (Puccini)

I couldn't get Drivel to work =P I installed Ximian - everything and the dev packages. I didn't see the library I wanted in the installation manifest, but I was hoping that it lived in one of the packages listed. *harumph* Drivel's ./configure still stopped on libgnomeui.

Nick pointed me to the Ximian channels, but for some reason, there wasn't a Gnome 2.0 channel. The theory is that it's not available for Redhat 7.0. So, I'd want to upgrade to Redhat 7.3 first and try Red Carpet again. That was a little more than I had energy for, so I just left it at that...

For my Anti-Boredom Activities, I want to re-outfit my Linux box with:

  • Bigger harddrive (possibly)
    • Heretic has a 6Gig drive in there right now, which is not too bad, but somehow 6Gs sounds so small now...
  • Redhat 7.3
  • Ximian Gnome
  • Apache
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Oracle or MySQL
    • I really want to install Personal Oracle. Oracle has lower suckitude than MySQL by far. But Oracle is more of a pain in the ass to get set up.
  • Galeon
  • GAIM
  • Drivel
  • OpenOffice