June 29th, 2002


Guai-Guai's Singing

weather: sunny
mood: happy
music: Paganini - Variations on a Theme (Rossini)

Another funny thing about the Guai-Guai troll is his singing.

We've been teaching him the tune to This Old Man... _/~ This old man; he plays one; he plays knick-knack on my thumb; with a knick-knack, paddy-whack, give a dog a bone; this old man came rolling home. _/~

He can do maybe the first six notes - he does this old man; he plays one which is just three notes played twice. Then he just tweets a whole bunch of notes that vaguely resemble the rest of it, but not quite. It's pretty funny.

So, that's our psychotic, willful little singing troll that doesn't like sunflower seeds.