July 7th, 2002


Word of the Day - "sesquipedalian"

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sesquipedalian \ses-kwuh-puh-DAYL-yuhn\ noun/adjective
     (n) 1 : a long word

     (adj) 1 : given to or characterized by the use of long words
     (adj) 2 : long and ponderous; having many syllables

Sample Usage:
     Plus he has a weakness for what we can mischievously call sesquipedalian excess: Look out for such terms as "epiphenomenal", "diegetic" and "proprioceptive." -- Jabari Asim, "Reel Pioneer". Washington Post, November 19, 2000

     Sesquipedalian comes from Latin sesquipedalis, "a foot and a half long, hence inordinately long," from sesqui, "one half more, half as much again" + pes, ped-, "a foot."

I chose this word because it's a really cool word, but as well, there are some other really cool words in the "Sample Usage" sentence. =)

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Husband Guy and Wife Girl, First Anniversary

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Saturday evening, piyomomo, juky, Husband Guy, and I went on the Pacific Starlight Dinner Train for the Husband Guy & Wife Girl First Wedding Anniversary.

We sat in the Stardust cabin Dome Class. Dome Class is raised seating (above the galley =) with a plexiglass dome with a better view.

The train takes you from the North Vancouver station, along the water through Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay and Howe Sound, up to Porteau Cove, just slightly south of Squamish. Dinner is served on the ride up. Dinner consisted of bread rolls to start; an appetizer of smoked salmon in a guacamole sauce with a few stray potatoes; a thick tomato paste soup; an entrée of either Beef Wellington or a chicken dish with various greens and garlic mashed potato; dessert was a white chocolate troufle or blue berry cheesecake.

It stops there so that everyone can get off the train, snoop the Gift Shop at Porteau Cove and dance to the brass band playing Big Band/Swing era music. Then it takes the same route back while dessert and coffee is served.

Not terribly exciting, but if you were going to have dinner and chat anyway there's a really nice view to go with it =) There are Murder Mystery nights as well, but none of them coincided with our Anniversary Eve, so we didn't get to do that.

It was a nice time. =)