July 31st, 2002



weather: sunny
outside: 17°C
mood: cheerful

Kaesha is sitting in his cage in the lounge area that's near my desk. Kaesha's a boy =)

He looks exactly the same as Guai-Guai in every way. They both have that Cockatiel Pattern Baldness, they both have the same colouring and everything. Kaesha's wings aren't clipped though.

S said that if MIL Woman likes him, we can keep him. S's family was kinda just being a host family for Kaesha anyway. We'll see how Kaesha and Guai-Guai get along.

Kaesha's vocalizing every once in a while and I have curious co-workers wandering over to find out what that chirping is all about =) Heeheehee... perturbed co-workers are very amusing. =)


Errand Day

weather: sunny
outside: 17°C
mood: okay

At least these last few days have been a little cooler. =)

I'm getting together with someone this morning so that she can give me a run-through of a software tool that I want to use for my project.

I have a noon appointment with my dentist for my final teeth guard fitting. With the teeth guard, I can maybe keep my teeth because at the rate I'm going, I'll have a mouthful of teeth powder by the time I'm 40.

I have to see if Kaesha's bothering anyone (chirping or allergies or something). If he is, I'll have to take him home on my way to the dentist. I can't imagine this crowd having a problem with a bird sitting mostly quietly in a corner minding his own business though. He's getting louder and more brazen now though ... =}

I have to pick up MIL Woman's hippo-birdie cake. We got a cake at the same Italian bakery we got our wedding cake. Their cakes are good and they're really nice.

[Update - 1348h]

I'm back in the office. I left Kaesha in the lounge. Everyone loves him anyway =)

I have my teeth guard. I'm not sure what the difference is between this and a sports mouth guard. I got a mouth guard once a long long time ago. I remember having to put it in hot water and sticking it in my mouth to shape it to my teeth anyway. But that's okay, my dental plan covers 100% of it anyway. Free... free is good. =)

I picked up MIL Woman's hippo-birdie cake. It's The Diplomat. It's only an 8" round, but I didn't know it would be extra tall. She wasn't home when I brought it home. I hope she has no reason to open the deep freeze today...


Kaesha & Guai-Guai: So Far So Good

weather: clear
outside: 17°C
mood: amused
music: Ben Heppner - Aida, Celeste Aida (Verdi)

Well, Kaesha didn't like the ride home, but as soon as he got to our place and saw Guai-Guai, he started singing and twittering and chirping non-stop like the happiest thing in the world. Kaesha was even more vocal than in the office. Guai-Guai just stared in confused silence - brain the size of a pea. It was pretty amusing.

K is about 5 or 6 years old, so he has more of a "repetoire" than G does. K sounds really nice when he's being chirpy and singy.

K still doesn't know us, so he doesn't like us reaching into his cage. We let G walk around on the roof. K kept chattering and chattering at G. K's head was near the top of the cage, so the tuft of feathers on top of his head stuck out of the roof. G would chase the feathers around trying to nibble on them =) Meanwhile, K would chase G's feet and try to nip at them =D

So far, it seems like they like each other... through the safety of the cage anyway. Guai-Guai got pissed off when MIL Woman tried to take him off Kaesha's roof. Kaesha would squawk really loudly when Guai-Guai was taken away. But we probably won't try putting them together for a few days, if at all.

I have no idea what's going to happen tonight... I'm not sure what we'd do if Kaesha is going to be vocal all night long.


Hippo Birdie MIL Woman

weather: clear
outside: 17°C
mood: happy
music: Plácido Domingo - I Heard the Bells on Christmas

Hippo birdie two ewe,
Hippo birdie two ewe,
Hippo birdie deer MIL WOMAN!!!
Hippo birdie two ewe!!!

Husband Guy and I took her, Grandpa, juky and piyomomo to The Keg for steaks, lobster, prime rib and all that super unhealthy, artery cloggin', cancer causin', red meat, shell fish goodness. =)

I asked for my Prime Rib "medium" this time just to see. I usually ask for "medium well". Medium is still a little undercooked for me... but it was good.