August 26th, 2002


Husband Guy's Frolick Day

weather: cloudy/sunny
outside: 22°C
mood: okay
music: Luciano Pavarotti - Torna a Surriento

Husband Guy's company took them all to Playland today. There are only 10 of them, so they do a whole company outing after a few projects are done. It started out cloudy this morning, so I didn't make him take the sunscreen with him. But it got really sunny in the afternoon. He's now burned in the face and in the arms. *BIG SIGH* If I don't hog-tie him down and baste him myself, he won't use it.

He'd better not put up a fight about putting on Vitamin E/Aloe After-Sun tonight. I told him calmly on the way home that it was irresponsible of him to not use sunscreen, especially after I did my best to find a non-oily-gucky one (I got the Bain de Soleil spray, on nicosian's recommendation... she hates gucky sunscreens as well). I think he got the message. He didn't say anything about hating the smell or anything else. He just looked at me with remorse-ish face and nodded.

He hates lotions and having anything on his skin. I can understand this, but there comes a time when it's obvious that you need a moisturizer. In the winter, his skin gets incredibly dry to the point of cracking and bleeding... and he's STILL fighting me off about using the yucky, girlie-smelly moisturizer. It's Jergens Replenishing Multi-Vitamin Lotion [Very Dry]. It disappears as soon as you rub it into your skin. It smells like watermelon. I've field tested tons of them for his requirements.

It was only after yelled at him that I couldn't believe he didn't understand that germs get into your body through open wounds that he agreed to use it reluctantly. And only with a backrub. *ppthththt*

Boys are such twits sometimes... =P


Another Project, Another Ship-It Dinner

weather: cloudy/sunny
outside: 22°C
mood: okay
music: Ben Heppner - Louisa Miller, Quando le Sere al Placido (Verdi)

So, the up side to the QuarkXPress project wrapping up all of a sudden is that we get a Ship-It Dinner and we get to decide where we want to go... all of a sudden. =)

So, we're trying to come up with a nice restaurant that is A) an expensive-ish place and B) somewhere that we haven't been before. Kettle of Fish, The Keg, Joe Forte's were some of the restaurants that came up. It should be good.