September 11th, 2002


Unsick for Another Day

weather: partially sunny
outside: 15°C
mood: okay

Me: I quaff a Neo Citron and go to bed at 9:00pm.

DM: *roll* *roll* Most of the sickie germs are dead, but you're still groggy and tired.

Me: I drink lots of warm water during the day and go to bed early again.

DM: *roll* *roll* Okay, that's it, all the rest of the germs are dead. You feel much better.

Yay, but I'm still going to bed early this week just in case.


Work Bonus

weather: partially sunny
outside: 17°C
mood: okay

Did I mention that work gave me a bonus? Thank you, Work! =)

I got $3,600.00. Everyone got a base amount, then some got more based on performance. I must've kicked ass. =}

I don't get to touch any of that money though because it went straight into my RRSP. If I had not, it would have been taxed at 50% because they calculated the tax bracket based on the one pay period.


Not Bad...

weather: partially sunny
outside: 19°C
mood: contemplative

So, the September 11th bullshit is not as insane as I thought it would be.

Or maybe I've made really good choices as to what LJ users I beFriend. And they've made good choices of Friends as well. There's a fairly strong anti-"9/11" sentiment from everyone on my Friends list. My FriendsFriends page and everyone that I have bookmarked for reading is ranting that this stupid thing getting so out of hand, Bush is an ass, etc.

No one I know is making cheesy September 11 graphics, posting stupid images of American flags waving like an animated fractal as opposed to real wind. No one is passing me stupid Internet chain letters involving forged Nostradamus quotes - last year, I threatened to singe the ass off of anyone who did that.

Or maybe I'm just getting really good at ignoring people and things.

I'm not writing what I think. You don't want to know what I think. Trust me, you don't. I've learned that people trulytruly do not want to know what I think even though they're adamant that they "value my opinion". I've only written a short thing to someone I really trusted today.