September 19th, 2002


Snow-White Fu

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Well, it's about time we got to botch up one of Disney's stories.

Although, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was originally a Brother's Grimm fairy tale and Disney botched it first. =\

[Update - 1758h]

I was told that there is a very similar poem by the famous Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, called "The Story of a Princess and Seven Knights" (Heros? Warriors? Dudes? Whatever "bogatyr" translates to).

1799-1837: Alexander Pushkin (he was killed in a duel in St. Petersburg by Duke Dantes, the son of the Scandinavian Ambassador, to defend the honour of his fascinating wife, Natalie Goncharova).

1785-1863: Jakob Grimm
1786-1859: Wilhelm Grimm

It's hard to tell who wrote what first...


Things That Cracked Me Up Today

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music: Mozart - Die Zauberflote, Queen of the Night Aria

Two things that had me rolling today:

Some of my friends have started the online dating thing. Some have posted ads of prospective dates (in protected entries, of course). In one self description, the fellow is quoted as saying that he is "a this, a that, philosophizer, traveller, liver of life ..."

BWAHAHA!! =D =D =D It takes something to admit to being a shit filter XD *znark* Ow, my tummy hurts from laughing...


And the best use of ChEnglish I have seen yet, by katie_ah:

哎 fucking 呀 - ("ai-fucking-ya") =D XD