September 21st, 2002


Compressed Air Technology Car

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I'm impressed. An air powered automobile. It's an Compressed Air Technology (CAT) car.

It sucks in air, packs it down really tight (to 4,500 lbs/in²), then expands it to normal again. The heat generated by all this is what creates the propulsion. In fact, because of the way it filters the air going in, the stuff coming out is even CLEANER.

It takes 4 hours to charge the car in a regular household electric outlet. You can do it in 3 minutes with a special $100,000.00 compressed air station too, but that's only for super emergencies like wedding days, I guess =)

It goes from 0 - 50 miles per hour in seven (7) seconds. Husband Guy has been oggling over cars long enough for even me to know that this kicks a lot of ass.

It'll go for (USD)$10,000 - $14,000. It's definitely something to keep an eye out for.



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mood: sad
music: Ben Heppner - Carmen, La Fleur Que Tu M'avai (Bizet)

I had an argument with Brother Boy last night that ended in us both crying and having to ignore each other to cool off. He's 16 right now and going through more or less the same friction at home as I was at his age. Different exact situations, but same overall concept - trying to go from a dependent child to an independent adult and having differing opinions with the Parental Units as to how to do things. Same shit, different pile.

I feel horrible that I'm not being totally supportive when he comes to me. The problem is, I don't just see his side, as I do with online friends or other people I know. I also see my parents' side of the argument. I also have a 16 year history with my brother and, in those 16 years, I've seen things from my point of view (I can't help but see things from my own point of view!). I'm not an objective third party.

There's a reason why we're more receptive to advice from strangers than family.

And being way older than he is, isn't helping. Our temperaments aren't complementary, which means we get along when things are hunky-dory, but things flare up between us too easily because we're too damned similar. There are situations that I think, based on my own experience, he didn't exactly do the right thing or he didn't do the best thing for the situation. And I tell him so. The conversation goes down the crapper from there.

With online friends, my job is much easier. If I can't physically do anything, then a simple word of support is appreciated. But with my brother, I feel like I need to get in there, really talk to him and help him understand why he's wrong and what he's doing is going to cause more problems. I feel I owe it to him, as family. And that often turns out badly because it's much harder to convince someone they're wrong, especially if they're hanging on to the opinion that they're right. It's a lot easier to just say, "oh, there, there... *pat head*".

*shrug* But that's the way it goes. In the end, he's still my brother. I'll still help him learn to drive. I'll still help him with his resumé and be a good reference for him.

I was debating disabling comments on this post. Because I know all my friends will be supportive of me. None of them see the whole picture, so they can only see it all through me.