September 23rd, 2002


Chinese Wedding Etiquette in Shanghai

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In case anyone knows the answer:

Anyone familiar with Chinese wedding etiquette in Shanghai?

A close cousin of mine is getting married next month and I'd like to know how much to give him and his new wife for his red envelope gift.

The North American tradition for Chinese weddings is to give the couple a minimum of as much as they are paying per head for the banquet. In Canada, this works out to $50/head. So, if my husband and I were invited to a wedding and we knew the couple, but weren't close, we'd give a minimum of $100.

What's the going rate in Shanghai? What about for close family? I was thinking about giving them (CDN)$398 or $399. I won't give them anything with a '4' and $500+ seems like too much...

I just wanted to make sure that what I'm giving isn't too little. I also don't want to give them waaay too much and make them feel crappy. I just want a nice, but slightly-more-generous-than-average gift amount.

And how can I send them the money so that it's as little hassle for them as possible? An RMB money order?