September 26th, 2002


Career Fair Booth Bunny

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I was a figurative Booth Bunny yesterday for my company's booth at the Computing Careers Fair put on by the Computer Science Students' Society at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. I was pretty excited to be attending this career fair because the CSSS Computing Careers Fair is my legacy. I was the Organizing Committee Chair of the very first one in 1996. =)

I also saw another person that was in my graduating class. He's also jobless and has gone back to UBC as a P/T Unclassified Student to do more undergrad CS courses.

I was talking at the top of my voice all farking morning. Fortunately, I was only there for the morning shift. You learn to develop a schpeil very quickly and you adapt that to every conversation.

I can't believe the number of people who actually have the audacity to ask "What's your company all about?" or "What does your company do?" at a career fair. Hullo?! You were given the information weeks ahead of time, you should have done the research. A lot of them did ask specific questions that are not mentioned on the company website, which impressed me a lot more.

One guy actually said, "Here's my resumé, but I don't know what I can do at your company". I could tell that he meant modesty and maybe a line like that works in Mainland China (where he's from, without a doubt), but that's not the kind of thing you say in North America. With hundreds of students and a line starting to form in front of me (there was only one other co-worker Booth Bunny'ing with me), I really didn't have the time to skool him on the intricacies of North American vs. Chinese culture. I would have talked to him a bit more if it weren't so busy.

Everyone was asking if we were hiring. *sigh* Alas, we are not. No one at the Career Fair really was. =P It's really really sad to see that, especially when back when I was doing the Career Fair, I personally interviewed each company and made sure they were hiring - that was one of the qualifications for participation, no one was just there for publicity and that was our trademark that made it different from every other job fair on campus and in town.

But I did encourage people to send in their resumés online. Stupid economy can't be bottomed out forever and even though the official word is that we're not hiring, if we see a good person, we'll snag'em because we want first dibs on good employees too.

But it went well. We were fed, we handed out a lot of logo things - Chocolate CDs, pens, bouncie balls, slinkies and t-shirts. It was really good experience for me to be on this side of the fence.

I'll be at the SFU Career Fair next week =D


One Year Anniversary

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I'd completely forgotten that it's my One Year Anniversary here at work =)

OfficeManagerGirl came up to my desk and quietly sang "Happy Anniversary" a whole bunch of times to the tune of Rossini's William Tell Overture (the horsie song) while toddling a box of Godiva chocolates across the top of my desk. She's so cute =)

Of course, they had to give me chocolate. ={ I looked at the map that came with the box and it looks like there are quite a few white chocolate ones in there. I'm going to try those and see if I'm allergic to the white chocolate (or some of the swirlie ones with only a little bit of milk/dark chocolate). There may be hope for me yet =)

The milk/dark chocolate ones can go to whatever Family Members® are home tonight.