November 16th, 2002


My Big Fat Grssk Wedding

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mood: entertained
music: Bryn Terfel - Bugail Aberdyfi

Yes, I finally got to see this.

IT REALLY ANNOYED THE HOLY FRACKING SEMANTICULUUM OUT OF ME that they used the capital Sigma in the place of the letter 'E'!!!

The Sigma (Σ) is THE GREEK LETTER 'S'!!! HEL-FARKING-LO?!?!?!?!?!?!



*smooth hair*

*straighten lampshade*

But other than that, I really enjoyed this movie... as simplified, stereotyped and contrived as I'm sure it has made Greek culture look. I know because that's what they did to Chinese culture with Joy Luck Club; Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; and the rest of them.

"I have three testicles." =)

"You kidnap me, you bloody Turk!!!" =D

"He doesn't eat meat..." *blinketty-blink* "Okay, I make-a LAMB..." =) =) =)

"My people were writing philosophy while your people were still swinging from the trees." *znarf* BWAHAHAHA!! =D

Kimono. AAAHAHAHAHA!!! =D =D =D

It's so great to see Lainie Kazan, as well as Andrea Martin. They are absolutely fabulous actresses. I thought Lainie Kazan was great in The Big Hit =D

This really is an awesome movie. It's been playing since the summer and the theatre was still almost full when we went tonight. Husband Guy wasn't too sure about this at first, I guess he was thinking that it's a chick flick (which it was =). But he actually enjoyed it too. He picked the last few movies we went to, so this one was mine.

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