November 24th, 2002


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Advice to everyone who hasn't seen it yet (yeah, all three of you under that rock in the thickest part of the forest): go on a Monday matinée or some other Children Unfriendly time.

I thought CoS was really choppy. They cut things out everywhere and it was still almost 3 hours long. I think it might be worth their while to make two 1¾-2 hour movies out of each book and get in some details Collapse )

It just felt like everyone was sprinting around trying to speed-blurt all their lines before the camera cut away from them to the next scene. The whole movie was like a trailer for the book. If they keep up the one movie per book thing, Goblet of Fire is going to really suck. And that would be most unfortunate given the magnitude of the events the fourth book.

I really don't like that CoS focussed so much on The Trio. The Hogwarts' Faculty, the other students and everyone else just faded into the background.

Ginny Weasley is so cute =)

It's interesting that they pronounce "Lucius", LOO-see-us. In Gladiator, the boy was LOO-shus, so I've been reading it as LOO-shus in my mind. Jason Isaacs was okay in the part. I really thought John Malkovic would have been better though... much better suited to the part and, quality-wise, more on par with the rest of the cast.

The Aragog scenes were done well though.

We'll see what Alfonso Cuarón does with Prisoner of Azkaban.

WARNING: The TALKREAD for this post is crawling with spoilers.

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Harry Potter-lore Speculation

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There are tons of theories out there, but these are mine. Others might have independently come up with the same thoughts. The worlds/realms that fiction creates are fairly constrained. I wouldn't be at all surprised if others have thought of the same things as I have.

This post is a living document. I add to this when I think of it instead of posting a new entry for each one. Sometimes, there may be things that don't flow because I've added to it over time.

For reference, I've read all four books and follow The Rumour Mill® very closely.

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I don't know for sure, but I think Mandrakes are based on Ginseng in real life. Ginseng roots have always looked like little people to me. =) poufywerewolf pointed out to me that the Mandrake plant (Mandragora officinarum) was the basis for the Mandrake plant in Harry Potter. But when I Googled for images of it, the Ginseng plant looked more like little people to me.

This has absolutely no bearing on anything, just something that occurred to me.

Massive book and movie spoilers as well as future storyline speculation in the TALKREAD...