December 1st, 2002


Halle Boater (a.k.a Harry Potter in Chinese)

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Is it really such a smart thing for me to be posting about Harry Potter again? *znork* =S

Anyway, someone was collecting all the Harry Potter book covers in all the different languages, so I scanned in the Chinese versions of Book 1 and 2 that I had. I cleaned this up a little from what I had before so it would be easier to see:

book 1 - china_taiwan_hk.jpg ... The black letters of the title are actually gold, the scanner just doesn't do metallic well.

ha1 li4 bo1 te4 yu3 shen2 bi4 de mo2 fa3 shi2
Harry Potter and The Mysterious Mystical Stone

book 2 - china_taiwan_hk.jpg ... The black letters of the title are actually metallic red.

ha1 li4 bo1 te4 yu3 xiao1 shi1 de mi4 shi4
Harry Potter and The Missing Chamber of Secrets

Rowling is 羅琳, "Luo2 Lin2"

MIL Woman has been appropriately play-reprimanded for not getting Book 3 & 4 (they were too heavy for her luggage *pshaw*).

MIL Woman has been admonished to bring back Book 3 & 4 for the next trip. =D

She's still reading the first two, so I haven't gotten to them yet. Just before she went back, I asked for some Elementary school level Chinese novels so that I could practice reading. I asked for Science Fiction (科幻 ke1 huan4) and Star Trek preferred. Not sure what "Star Trek" is in Chinese, but "Star Wars" is 星球大戰 (Xing1 Qiu2 Da4 Zhan4 - Planetary Big War)

But she's not into SciFi (she's into Romance, like Chinese Danielle Steele), so it was hard for her to choose. She got me The Monkey King: Journey to the West and a translated Pride and Prejudice instead. Those are both cool beans too!!! But, it didn't occur to me to ask for all four Harry Potter books =P Next trip. Next trip.


Friends List

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I've finally figured out what magicwoman meant by "using filters to keep up with everyone". She has oodles of people in her Friends List.

So, now that I get it, I can add as many people as I want and still be able to keep up. =)


Pondering a New Username

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I've been thinking about a new LJ username for myself. Here are a few of my thoughts so far, let me know what you think:

  • casta_diva

    Casta Diva is the suprano aria in Vincenzo Bellini's opera, Norma. This is probably my first choice right now, but I'm not sure...

  • la_doyenne

    doyen was a Word of the Day in January. It comes from the French, meaning "exalted expert" and it's pronounced "dwah-YEN". I'm not really an expert in anything, but it's just a username, right? =)

    There is an LJ user doyenne already, she's not very active and hasn't posted a quiz since August. =S At pne's suggestion, I AYT'ed her to see if she's still using her journal (maybe she's active in the communities). It shouldn't be confusing at all if I take La Doyenne. It doesn't look like we'd be involved in the same communityspace anyway.

  • quietude

    "A state of quiet." I just love this word.

  • applejade

    I don't know how confusing this would be because apple_jade is my Chinese journal. It would be neat to have my English and Chinese journals kinda match... but then, it's kinda dorky as well - like when a couple wear the same outfit in public. *ick*

  • jade_lin

    Not very imaginative, but it would do.

pne suggested wifegal =) which is a cute idea, but I think I'll try not to use a "Generic Human" username this time. I was up to my ears in wedding when I created this journal in February 2001 and all I could think to call myself was "the bride" =)

Yeah, names are a big deal to me. I took over a week to name a cactus - I went to the trouble of watching a movie (or trying to watch a movie) just for name research purposes. I think I'll be hosting an International Nomenclature Convention when I name my children.

I guess I could make a poll, but polls don't encourage discussion.

[Update - December 02, 1024h]

Now everyone is telling me to keep bride =) I guess it makes sense. The very first commandment in Marketing/PR is "Thou shalt not change thy name nor logo."

seditionMy Favorite Mike was the one who told me that it was time to "let go". =P