December 27th, 2002


Husband Guy's Maternal Grandmother

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mood: worried
music: Luciano Pavarotti - Recondita Armonia
*sigh* Husband Guy's maternal grandmother is 92 this year. She had a scary hallucination episode for the first time earlier this week. She's better now that she's been seen by a relative who is a doctor and has had some sedative-induced sleep. Grandma remembers the hallucinations and she's just as baffled at seeing them as everyone else.

Geriatric hallucinations are quite common, especially when there's a chronic illness present or trauma (it doesn't have to be big, it could be as minor as some sort of medical procedure). Grandma is diabetic, she has been for quite a long time now. It's controlled by medication and has only been a problem once in a while, but it's still there.

Hallucinations are even more common if the patient is depressed or life has been full of stress that hasn't been dealt with. I almost positive Grandma also suffers from clinical depression to some degree.

The glucose levels going up and down, the medication, all that added to the strains of her life, past and present, are probably taking its toll.

I hope she makes it past the Lunar New Year.