January 8th, 2003


Looking for an 'Ian'

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A very particular "Ian" - an Ian Wallace and not the artist in Vancouver. =) It's a really long shot, but I thought I'd post this and maybe cross-post it to vancouver.

I've Googled for all the keyword combinations I can think of, including his Comp. Sci. stuff, his Buddism stuff, excluding the artist Ian Wallace's stuff. I'm sure his Hotmail address is something that makes sense too, but that memory is baked as well.

It was a weird combination of Buddhism, Computer Science degrees and Math that got me thinking of Ian again. The last I heard, he was doing work with an online gaming company, so I was just wondering what happened to him through the Dot Bomb era and where he is now.

So, if you're the Ian Alexander Wallace who took that Traumatic Killer Probability Class with me that summer and if "b1k1" means something to you, e-mail me at bride@livejournal.com or leave a comment and tell me what "Cube" position you ran for in the spring just prior. I'd love to catch up with ya! =D


Start Counting From    W H A T ? ! ? !

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I'm developing a suite of internal tools using Microsoft's Application APIs through C#. It looks like C++, smells like Java, acts like VB, but has its own soul. It lets me do my thing with the occasional "s'cuse me, Ma'am, my leg is caught in the door". But it's generally Not A Problem®.

There are arrays of item objects in a structure in another object class. No problem. They're only one-dimensional arrays. That really should be no problem (not like the five-dimensional monsters I had to deal with once).

All these arrays start at index one. *dramatic pause*       1... ... ... ONE... ... ...

Who the hell starts counting from one?!?!?!