February 5th, 2003


*teeth chattering*

weather: mostly clear
outside: 3°C
mood: brrrr...
*pppffftt* So, who gave permission for it to be winter again? I had to flip on the seat warmers in the car tonight driving home.

I have a new snack fad for myself. Shreddies mixed in strawberry yoghurt. I love Shreddies. But I don't eat cereal because of my gag reaction to the smell of milk. Husband Guy put them together the other day and I stole some. Now I'm hogging up his strawberry yoghurt =D

I think it's 3 points (Weight Watchers). 1 cup of regular yoghurt looks like 3 points. 1 cup of dry cereal is 3 points. I put half a cup of each in a bowl.

The Reverse Weight Watchers thing has been interesting for me in the last little while. I'm in that stage of discovery where I'm finding out all the point values of different things. I have a point range of 22 - 27 points a day, but I try to stay near 27. So far, it's been okay. It's easy because Chinese food is hellaciously high in points, otherwise I'd be so toast. =P Today, my lunch came out to absolute 0, zero, de nada, zilcho, bupkiss points. This is what I get for snorting Rabbit Food.


LJ Posting Limits

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There are new posting limits, in case you're wondering why your 4th post got munged all of a sudden. bradBrad's done this before, changed things without giving any warning =P Don't get me wrong, I still think Brad's cool. He's just... well, human. A boy human, in fact. =)

    Free users: 3 posts
    Early adopters: 10 posts
    Paid Users: 20 posts

Y'know, it isn't such a bad idea. If you have more to say than your limit, you can always add things to the same post by editing... up to the size limit of one single entry (whatever that might be). I said in a comment that I could be limited to 1 post a day and I'd be okay... a little grumbly, but I'd be okay. This is assuming the limit is actual number of posts, not number of database accesses for journal entries.

[Update - 1750h]

It's been postponed until the community posting elements have been implemented and I presume until a few other things have been ironed out. So, you should be able to post past your limit for the time being...

I say again. If you can't afford $2.08/month, then you have Way Bigger Problems™ than not being able to post more than 3 LiveJournal entries a day. Like EATING, for example.