February 22nd, 2003


Husband Guy's Grandpa

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outside: 6°C
mood: nervous
Husband Guy's Grandpa is back in town. He's been in Taiwan for the last few months with Husband Guy's Uncle-2 and Aunt-2.

Traditionally, MIL-Woman, being the Daughter-In-Law #1 of the family, has taken care of him and Grandma (when Grandma was still alive). But MIL-Woman has a business venture going on in Taiwan and can't do it anymore.

Uncle-2 and Aunt-2 now have the responsibility to take Grandpa when they go back. The problem is, the 2's have to run back and forth between Taiwan and here. While they're here, there's no one in Taiwan to watch Grandpa, so all three of them have to come back together. The 2's don't stay with us, they have their own home. Grandpa stays with us.

So, now. Guess who the Granddaughter-In-Law #1 is?

Oh, go ahead.

Take. A. Wild. Blind. Stab. In. The. Dark.

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