March 1st, 2003


Mass Action on Comments!

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I just noticed the "Select" checkbox on all the comments =) I looked at the bottom and there's a "Mass action on selected comments:" with a pulldown menu. You can Screen, Unscreen and Delete all the selected comments. That's cool =)

They're not going to be able to do "Select All" because that requires ECMAScript (Javascript). Well, at least not in a WYSIWYG way. They could have a button at the bottom that says "Apply to All", but you won't see the individual boxes get selected. That would get to be a bit confusing to support. What would happen if you selected the "All" box, but had some individual comments also selected? Does selecting "All" make selecting individual ones idempotent?

But what I really want is a "Reply to All Selected". Sometimes, everyone gives me feedback and I just want to thank them all... or there's a generic answer to several comments.