March 4th, 2003


Danse Russe - Moderato & Andante Simplice

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music: Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake, Act 3: No.20a: Danse Russe: Moderato & Andante Simplice
I feel like I've found an old friend and fallen in love all over again. And I know because this happens to me often with Husband Guy.

I had an old audio tape set of the complete Swan Lake Suite that was one of the very rare gifts from my parents. I was 10 or 12 at the time. I was completely mesmerized by the Moderato violin solo and the following Andante Simplice from the Danse Russe in Act III.

Audio tapes have no tracks that you can repeat like CDs, so I dubbed these two sections onto a 90 minute tape on its own. It was all of 3 minutes long, but I listened to it 30 times in a row, over and over. I couldn't figure out from the tape what exactly it was that I was listening to though. For the longest time, I thought it was Danses des Petits Cygnes from Act IV because it sounded so dainty and adorable.

But both tapes have been lost in the shuffle. I know there are people out there who will completely understand when I say: I know EXACTLY where they are, but they're not there... *arm wringing* =O

I'd been scouring the Internet MP3Land for it for a long time now. Part of the difficulty is the utter dingbats out there who misname classical music. No, people, the Moonlight Sonata is not a Mozart. =P I never knew what I would get if I downloaded an MP3 entitled "5w4n_1ak3.mp3" (which BTW, is the Techno Remix of the Finale).

Part of the problem was also that these two sections are two out of four movements of the Russian Dance in the suite. The first three movements, the Moderato, Andante and the Allegro, are often cut in the ballet productions (apparently, much to the chagrin of Tchaikovsky, himself, and Mme. Nadezhda von Meck, who both really liked the first two movements as well). So, it would be missing from most CD compilations which I would guess are mostly based off the ballets. The Presto is the only thing that most people associate with "the Russian Dance". Only complete recordings of Swan Lake would have what I want.

And I found it! *bouncie* =)

The one I have right now is a Vanessa Mae recording with the New Belgian Chamber Orchestra/Nicholas Cleobury. I don't like it as much as my original. The technique, inflection and passions are just not there. In fact, I'm almost positive now that my original was an Itzhak Perlman solo. It could not have been anyone else.


Secret Messages Out In The Open

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I know this is so Five Memes Ago, but I finally thought I had some interesting things to say.

Remember that one where you say things about/to the people on your Friends List but left the names off? Some people said good things as well as brutally honest things, shuffled them all up and posted them. I had some brutally honest ones at first, but then I remembered how I felt uneasy thinking maybe that bad comment was directed at me... so I stuck with good comments.

They may apply to more than one person. And one person may find more than one that applies to them. Some of them are very obviously pointed at one person in particular. Some are for one person, but more than one may interpret it as directed at them. Some are not what you think they are... >=}

So, it's a free-for-all. Everyone pick the compliments you like, take as many as you think apply, and they're yours =)

  1. Your life sounds so wonderful, I'm so happy for you.
  2. I'm very flattered that you think so highly of my opinions.
  3. *HUGS*
  4. I have fantasies of falling asleep to your voice, then waking up to it.
  5. You're destined for greatness, I can feel it.
  6. You're as cute as a b-- ... wait, that would get my head lopped off wouldn't it? *wink*
  7. Maybe in another time, another place, another parallel universe, you and I could have been. But I'm really glad to have met you either way.
  8. It might take a while, but they will like it. And I'll be first in line at your tour.
  9. I wish I could fly out there to see you.
  10. You're a fun one! =)
  11. Sometimes, I wish I could hurt for you instead of seeing you in pain.
  12. I worry about you sometimes, but it's all good.
  13. Thank you for understanding me through the tough times.
  14. I'm glad you made the decisions you did. You're such a great person to walk away from that.
  15. You're so smart and motivated. You're exactly what I wanted to be when I was there.
  16. Your words are very inspiring to me.
  17. I'd never say this to your face or even out loud, but know that my loyalties lie with you. I'll never let you be forgotten or left out if I can help it.
  18. You are one cool chickie =)
  19. You have the wisdom and insight that I hope to have when I get there.
  20. That was a great thing that happened to you and you deserve it.
  21. I see so much hope for you.
  22. I could listen to you all day and still ask for encore upon encore.
  23. I really hope life gets better for you.
  24. You're a wonderful parent. Sometimes, it just takes someone out here to see it.
  25. I'm so glad you got it.
  26. Yo! Where'ya been? I've missed ya around here =)
  27. I already see an amazing person in you, it warms my heart to be here to watch you grow.
  28. You're in a good place.
  29. Just one foot in front of the other.
  30. I'd want you on my team.