March 25th, 2003


Spammie, Spammie, Spammie

weather: partially sunny
outside: 12°C
mood: um, whatever
music: Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto In D (Itzhak Perlman)
Well, today, I've been "Right X" (subject: "You are Right X"), approved for several mortgages, asked several times if I were tired of being in debt, offered an exclusive herbal alternative to viagra, told that I can grow my penis naturally, received nine million offers to become an "intele_ctualist" [sic], and lifetime membership for free pr0n.

Wow, spammers are slowing down. I don't get toner cartridges today, no Prince of some obscure country wants me to be his business partner (I kinda miss those Princes of fake obscure countries in the Balkans) and I haven't been accused of lying on Undernet yet.


LJ Entry Size Limit

weather: mostly cloudy
outside: 11°C
mood: shocked
music: J.S. Bach - Cello Suite No.1, Allemande (Yo-Yo Ma)
The journal entry (ENTRY field) has a size limit of 216 = 65536 characters.

Head hurts from smacking into it. =]