March 27th, 2003


The Core

weather: drizzling
outside: 5°C
mood: amused
Never, in my entire life, have I felt such utter embarrassment with a movie. I have no other description for The Core. It was really really embarrassing. I didn't pay to see it, a friend of mine got 4 double passes and invited Husband Guy and I along.

Apparently, electromagnetic fields have a bigger effect on carbon-based life forms than metal. The reject pigeons that Alfred Hitchcock decided not to cast back in '63 have since formed an Olympic Synchronized Ramming, Flying Randomly Every Which Way And Scaring Small Children Team. They need to have a word with their choreographer.

Travertine stone conducts electricity like nothing I've seen before. The electricity was zapping around the walls of the Roman Coliseum faster than anything. Travertine stone also explodes into zillions of tiny pieces the shape of wood splinters when the static charge builds up to critical, like when it gets hit by lightning.

Electrons apparently don't run to the ground even though all materials, metal or organic, have less resistance per than 100% pure gold. They build up in objects made of brass and acetate plastic within 7' above the ground.

And those were just the opening scenes. It just got worse from there.

The little bits of pot-shot humour were amusing. "We have no senses of humour... and ... we're armed."

It was very nice to see Alfre Woodard again. And it was nice to see some of my friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.

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