March 31st, 2003


Palm Tree Café

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mood: wistful
Here's a pic of MIL Woman's Palm Tree Café - 棕櫚咖啡. It's the entire top floor of that building. Here's another promo page with a picture from the inside. It's quite a view, if the fog weren't there, but they're in that famous foggy mountain area, so they kinda had to get the fog =)

The first and second floors belong to the Little Wooden Hut Inn/Lodge, 小木屋. They're right next door to the brick house that the Classical Chinese author, 三毛, San Mao, lived for a long time. I think that's a list of his work... it's insanely hard to find this guy because the popular Japanese cartoon cat, Doraemon, is "三毛" as well. =P

The Little Wooden Hut Lodge is at the 清泉 Hot Springs, about an hour (1½?) southeast of Hsin Chu City, Taiwan. It's in a tourist area... or it's supposed to be when there isn't the danger of it crawling with the SARS virus. I'm worried about her being there. I'm worried about what it's going to do to their business. *sigh*

All your spare 出入平安 (general wellbeing) and 生意興隆 (business prosperity) vibes to MIL Woman, please =}

And if anyone actually goes, please go say hi to 新娘子的婆婆 (The Bride's Mother-In-Law) =D She speaks English, Mandarin, Taiwanese and (HaiLu) Hakka =)