April 1st, 2003


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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mood: *yawn*
music: Paganini - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 3, 2nd Movement
We finished watching the second half of the first season of CSI on DVD. I'm a loser, can't catch it on TV and watch it for free like everyone else.

Anthony Zuiker is on crack.

Or his writing crew is. I quite enjoyed the first half of the first season, but this second half felt So Messed Up™ to me. The main characters were taking turns making no sense. Nevermind the actors, I was hollering, "What's the motivation?", "Where did that come from?!" and "You're bloody kidding me, right?".

Several times, I shouted, "WHERE ARE YOUR GLOVES?!?!".

I've noticed that Jorja Fox/Sara Sidle started a certain intonation in her speech that reminds me of condescension. It's not bothering me though, I'm just noticing the inflections. Kinda like when an author uses a certain word over and over again in her novel. Even if they only use it twice, it jumps out at you.

George Eads/Nick Stokes is pretty cute, though I feel like taking a file to both sides of his jaw. I'm glad the hooker situation took care of itself. I had no sympathy there. I would have expected Nick to be more intelligent about it too.

What the fork is Catherine Willows doing with a city Engineer that looks and acts like a used car salesman? Maybe I just have an unfounded neurotic fear of men who are nothing but teeth when they smile and have a striking resemblance to Gaston.

Husband Guy seems to think there was nothing wrong with it. Maybe I'm just too crabby for this. Although, Brother-In-Law Dude says CSI: Miami is worse. So, maybe I should go watch that for a while, then come back to the original and it will, relatively, feel better.