April 25th, 2003


UglyDress.Com Submission

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Ooo, ooo, ooo!!! I have to tell you all about this! =D

A while ago, I followed a link to UglyDress.Com from weddingplans. I just about peed myself there. I noticed they were having a dress submission contest so that they could get rid of some old inventory (t-shirts), I guess. So, I sent in The Condom Dress. I wrote:


Love your site! =D

The Condom Dress

Have you seen this one yet? I'm not sure if it was intended to be a wedding gown or if it was just a coat, it was an Yves St. Laurent fashion show shot. But it's the most phallically symbolic wedding... thing I've ever seen =D

I thought they probably already had it. I saw it a long time ago. Since I'm usually lame at keeping up with gossip, by the time I see or hear something, everybody and their pygmy marmoset knows about it already.

I get an e-mail today that says:


Thanks for your submission to UglyDress.com. You, my friend are a wiener. I mean a winner. Yes a winner. Your submission was really... um....special... Yes, it was special and you have won something.

Some free stuff.

Please send your address and we'll send you something. Also, include your t-shirt size. We have some Bachelorette.com baby-doll t's. They come in S, M, & L only though because they are for hipsters.

Thanks again for writing to UglyDress.com. We really liked your idea and have posted it on our site under results#1.

When I went to see what they'd done with it, the site was down. Apparently, that dress just uglied their webservers to death =D I gave Dude my work snail mail address so he could send me a Bachelorette.com shirt. The site finally came back up and I could see The Condom Dress in the winner's circle. =}