May 16th, 2003


The Tale of Three Me

weather: sunny & rainy
outside: 10°C
mood: fuzzy
The Online Me:

<input ... >  Add Katja as an LJ Syndicated feed. She is brokenclay. =)
<input ... >  Add Xinit's MT blog as an LJ Syndicated feed. He is xinitsblog.
<input ... >  Work on Fazia and/or Jeff to get an RSS/RDF feed thing for her blog. =)
<input ... >  Whine to FazJeff about adding commenting ability to Faz's blog... maybe just convince Faz that she really wants an LJ instead =D

The Real Life Me:

<input ... >  Buy a new pair of shoes. Collapse )

<input ... >  Buy a swimsuit. Collapse )

The Work Me:

<input ... >  Bill my time for the top half of May.

<input ... >  Build Umbrella (on Keya). The codename is "Umbrella" or "Zontik" or "Parapluie" or whatever language the precipitation deflection equipment is in this week.

<input ... >  Check all Linespacing issues.
<input ... >  Check weird file crash.
<input ... >  Check 0-length crasher.

<input ... >  Build Stonehenge (Quarkie).

<input ... >  Build verification for Code Cleanup Take 2. Take 1 really fracked it up. =P

*sigh* You see how I like The Online Me and The Work Me better than The Real Life Me? The Online Me is relatively higher satisfaction. The Work Me makes money. The Real Life Me just throws money out the window.



weather: HAILING
outside: 9°C
mood: WTF?!?
IN MAY?!?!?!

[Update - 1600h]

Thunder & LightningRight after it hailed, it was brilliantly sunny again. Moments after that, we had a torrential downpour. Then, it was sunny for a few hours this afternoon. Now we have thunder and lightning.

I never realized how afraid of thunder and lightning I actually am. They rarely happen while I'm awake and paying attention, so maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to.