May 24th, 2003


Workness Update

weather: light rain
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mood: okay
Work is busy. And that's a fantastic thing. =)

The startup phase of a project is hairy. There are a million things to set up, documents started, operating systems installed, tools downloaded, bought and installed, environments synchronized. Then we switched Dev Leads. So, there's a bit of a heave-ho... but we're rolling now, so that's good.

As an aside, the first Dev Lead wasn't laid off. J resigned because he got a position with LucasArts. He was a great guy to work with. I'm sad to see him go, but I'm happy that he got the job that he did... in this day and age, that truly says something about your abilities.

Work is giving me a bigger harddrive and XP Pro on Monday. Thank you, Work! =D They were going to give me another machine (a bigger, faster, smarter PC). I already take up two work areas with My Mac Farm™. They were about to make me into A Tanning Service™. Yeah. Fat lotta sense that makes, people =}

I don't quite know if it was my laughing hysterically or my starting to make a cardboard sign with the price per 15 minutes of tanning time that made Work realize it would be better to just brainwash/re-educate my current PC and give me a bigger harddrive.

So, early next week, I'll be scrubbing XP up and down to make it not look like it was kicked in the head by a mule at birth.


apple_jade — The Chinese Journal

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mood: okay
So, writing in apple_jade every day isn't quite working. >K{ I started off okay, but then ran outa steam. I kinda knew this would happen. =\

And in the end, I felt so bad that I just re-wrote one of my entries from here. That's probably the best idea. Go through my old journal entries here and use them as writing prompts or translate them off the top of my head.

Although, I have to be proud of myself for explaining the inner workings of a yo-yo in Chinese (sorta). I never thought I could do that. Go me =)



weather: light rain
outside: 16°C
mood: okay
Scored fresh edamame Thursday evening. I couldn't find them anywhere. I was starting to get desparate and was seriously considering ordering them online =O =\

They were in the frozen foods section, not the fresh produce section where I expected them to be. Well, we do have organic farms here in Vancouver and there are edamame growers in Canada. Hey, if Pringles can be put in the potato chip aisle, I think it's perfectly reasonable for me to expect edamame in fresh produce.

Okay, fine, I just suck at This Wife Thing™.


Silly Husband Guy Funny

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mood: giggly
I was starting to get changed to go out this morning when Husband Guy walks in on me. We chat for a bit and he took off, which is fine.

Then I suddenly remembered something I wanted to tell him, but he was already a little ways off. I opened our bedroom door just a crack and called to him because I was only half dressed.

No answer. I call him again. No answer. Louder. I get this faint "What...", which means he's a fair ways away now.

"Could you come here a sec?" No answer. *sigh*

Call again, call again. Another faint "WHAT?" *hmph*

[ticked off] "I'm NAKED. Come HERE."

And he comes running. *LOL* I just meant that I wasn't quite dressed, so I couldn't walk out there to talk to him =D =D


It's Just A Doughnut

weather: drizzling
outside: 15°C
mood: not impressed
I just tried a Krispy Kreme for the first time in my life. I had the Cinnamon Apple Filled.

Buh. It's just a doughnut. Not a particularly good one at that, either. And they're dinky little things. They're about the volume of my fist and I have tiny hands (3½" diametre fist).

And here I was preparing for orgasm. >K{

Either I have incredible orgasms and incredible doughnuts or it's All Marketing, like MicroSod and SueThemAllBucks.