July 1st, 2003


I Am. You Know I Am.

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outside: 15°C
mood: celebratory

I know this place is where I am.
No other place is better than.
No matter where I go, I am
Proud to be Canadian.

I am, you know I am,
I am Canadian.

I am, you know I am,
I am Canadian.


I love this country, where I am.
This land is where I make my stand.
Y'a pas un coeur qui est comme celui-là [No other heart is truer than]
The one we call Canadian... Canadian.

I am, you know I am,
I am Canadian.

I am, you know I am,
I am Canadian.

I am Canadian.



Add Half A Cuppa Yoga And Stir Well

weather: partly sunny
outside: 15°C
mood: cheerful
The previous Sunday (June 22) workout was pretty slugful, so I didn't say much. But this last Sunday (June 29) was a really good workout day.

I finished my 30 minutes on the treadmill and went on to the elliptical. I felt like a slug. I didn't want to pedal, barely clocking in at 50rpm. I usually try to keep it at 55rpm. I held onto the stationary bars instead.

5 minutes into my usual 10 minute go, I decided to just quit. I was just moping so there was no point.

I went over to this glass wall overlooking the gym where Husband Guy, Brother-In-Law Dude and some others were playing basketball. I watched them for a while, then decided to sit on some mats that were on the floor next to the glass wall.

As I sat down cross legged, I thought I may as well straighten my back and do some Yoga breathing, still watching the guys' game. Yoga breathing turned into a few neck tilts. Neck tilts felt good and it turned into neck rolls. Pretty soon, the shoes and socks came off and I was doing some minor stretching... then some Tree Pose stretching, pause to watch Husband Guy's lay up, then Warrior stretches.

And before I knew it, I had launched right into a Sun Salutation. I was upside down in a Downward Dog, gritty blue mat in my face and thinking "whoa, how'd I get here?!" But it felt good, so I finished up and did three more Sun Salutations. Bumbled around with some miscellaneous stretching. It couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 minutes.

The guys weren't done with their game yet, so I thought I'd drag myself back and do another 5 minutes on the elliptical. The Time Killing Plan™ was to do 5 minutes, rest a bit, do another 5 minutes and continue until they finished as many games as they wanted to play so that we could head into the pool.

Okay, so I get on the elliptical. A show on one of the 15 (20?) ceiling mounted TV monitors caught my eye, so I started reading along with the closed captioning. It was some political analysis talking thing, so it wasn't like a jumpy music video that could have gotten me going or anything. The next time I looked at the elliptical panel, I had done 15 minutes at 65rpm, my hands were on the moving bars. I was huffing it good too, my heart rate was up at almost 160bpm.

That was Sunday. It's Tuesday and the muscle aching above my pecs, near my shoulders hasn't completely faded yet. That was an amazing workout. And I have no doubt it was because of the Yoga. I'm going to take some time out to do some basic Yoga in between from now on.