July 3rd, 2003


Vancouver/Whistler 2010

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outside: 17°C
mood: pensive
All day yesterday, wherever I went, everyone was talking about the IOC decision. Maybe I've been too distant from the offline world (ha, ya THINK?!), but it was mildly jarring to hear the grocery store clerk ranting loudly to a customer about it.

Professional behaviour aside, the thing that she said that stuck out to me, and countless others have said it too: "We can't even organize Canada Day fireworks, what makes them think we can host the Olympics?"

I apologize ahead of time because I know I have friends who agree with the Ranting Clerk™.

But that strikes me as quite narrow minded and small town mentality. Just because I don't want to pour myself a glass of water doesn't mean I'm too stupid to distill my own Samogon.

And I know there are were other arguments against having the Olympics here, I'm just talking about this one in particular though. Sane discussion is encouraged =)