July 11th, 2003


Not Friday Five — Money Challenge

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This is from incognita who got it from her buddy girl, Amy. It was much more interesting than the Friday Five and, somehow, I found this one more challenging =)

Note: you are not allowed to pay bills, put it in a bank account (which I guess includes investment accounts), or give/donate the money to anyone.

1. You're given $10 and 15 minutes in which to spend it all, Collapse )

2. $100 and 1 hour; Collapse )

3. $1000 and 2 hours; Collapse )

4. $10,000 and 48 hours; Collapse )

5. Two tickets and transportation to anywhere in the US to see a currently touring music group/performer. Collapse )

6. An invitation to high tea with 3 high profile women (politicians, celebrities, etc.). Collapse )

7. The opportunity to perform as an extra in a movie sequel. Collapse )