July 24th, 2003


Thinking About A New Car

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The Husband wants a new car. We're thinking that we should do it soon before the black Acura 1.6EL depreciates to the value of an empty pop can. The lease options on new cars now aren't too bad, so we're casually looking.

We're both driving it. I'd be driving it to work and he'd be driving it home from work (I drop him off and then park, reverse in the evening), which is no more than 10-15 minutes away in heavy traffic, in the city. He might do a bit more city driving off hours and on weekends. The only highway driving we do is the 30-45 minute trip on the weekend.

My requirements for a car are fairly loose:

  • Gets me from point A to point B.

  • 4 doors plus trunk — if I have to sit in the back seat of a 2-door that I paid for, I'm filing for divorce.

  • No Nailpolish Red. No Earwax Yellow. No Shit Brown. No World Rally Blue (though this isn't quite as offensive a colour as the others). No skunk stripe.

  • No aftermarket crap. I'm preemptively not putting up with racist law enforcement officers.

  • Automatic transmission. Not a car person. Will not drive stick.

    I was almost convinced to learn to drive a Standard though because the Nissan SE-R Spec V, that he kinda reallyreally wanted, only came in Standard. He says I'd look sexy driving a Standard. Uh, whatever man... my sex appeal, or lack thereof, won't matter squat when I hose the engine stalling it every block and a half.

  • No grief in terms of maintenance and AirCare.

  • Seat high enough or window sill/dash height low enough so that I can see.

    I'm short with a short upper body, so I have problems parking and maneuvering most sporty cars. It's that asinine "cockpit" design. The seat is usually too low or the sills and dash are too high. I worry about having to sit too close to the airbags too. I may as well take a running leap into a brick wall just to save some time.

Thankfully, he agrees that these are not very tall requests and I can be easily accommodated. Except that last one, which might be more difficult.

The top two contenders for le Mode de Transport are:

1. The Subaru Impreza WRX

I wonder if they have permission from Blizzard to use all those StarCraft sound effects... Husband was looking at this site the other evening. I heard it before I saw it and I thought he was playing StarCraft again.

But anyway. The 2004 WRX looks less obnoxious than the previous years. I'm not crazy about the Big Ugly Flaring Nostril thing in front. It's 4WD, so it'll be no problem in the snow (the snow that we don't get much of in Vancouver anymore? Yeah, that stuff.) I don't care about the boxer engine (pistons go sideways; not up and down like an inline; not slanty like a v-tech). I may care about what that means for the suspension, but I'm not sure. Did Nissan's "Sonar Suspension II" do anything for me? *shrug*

I don't care about the turbocharge. Do I ever go over 3000 RPM? asks everyone, trying to be helpful. Um... *blinketty*... I have a car? I sit down and step on that black flappie near the floor to make it go?

But no nostril and no turbo equals Impreza 2.5RS and there's no point in that. Which I'm not sure I understand because he's even less of a speed demon than I am and I'm not too far off from the Granny Driver™ mark. No, I think I do understand, it has to do with the coolness factor.

2. The Acura TSX

I'm very wary about getting another Acura. All cars need to pass the AirCare Vehicle Emissions Standard here before we are approved for mandatory insurance coverage. Acura does not have an AirCare certified repair centre. Acura AirCare repairs have to go through Honda. The two of them get together and dick you around. Like. They. Did. To us.

Yes, I have a long, grudgeful, unforgiving memory with vendors that's enhanced by an online journaling service that has, essentially, a bookmarking feature.

Gee, how can you tell Husband Guy narrowed it down for us? =]

Part of me thinks I've made his life eminently no fun already. I made him grow up, I hounded him to start his RRSP, do more than just a community college for post-secondary, do something with his life, think and plan way further into the future than he even knew time could exist, etc. And I feel like I should just let him buy the hip, cool car that he wants. I have the rest of our lives to make him get a sensible brick car.

I hope I don't hate the WRX when I go to test drive it.