August 18th, 2003


Lucy Mae Brown

weather: sunny
outside: 24°C
mood: happy
ntang, toturi and I had dinner together at the Lucy Mae Brown Restaurant on Saturday evening. We were on the patio and there was a fellow setting up the outdoor heat lamps.

What is it with our fascination/amusement with people having technical difficulties? One of the managers made some comment about people watching him, I think saying that he should move it into the corner and try to light it there or something... I was thinking, "aw, but it's fun watching him fumble in the middle of the patio" =D

I thought the food was pretty good; I'm sure ntangNick will post a good review when he gets back. He does a much better job reviewing restaurants. [Update: and there it is.]

I found out they serve No Name ginger ale. =D It tasted a bit like this other one I've had that comes in a brown bottle had a slightly stronger ginger flavour than Canada Dry or Schwepps.

It was great seeing Nick again. I was so worried that his flight was cancelled because of the power outage. But he took off about an hour before New York blinked off *whew*

He tried to sneak-pay the bill!! I can't believe he pulled the Sneak-Off-To-The-Washroom-And-Pay-The-Bill Trick. Ha! I'm glad I mentioned to our waitress that it was supposed to come to me. She told me when she came back and handed me the bill =) =)