January 6th, 2004


So's I don't forget:

weather: snowing
outside: -5°C
mood: busy
<input ... >  go find 發叔叔 at the Chinese grocery place Mom always goes to
<input ... >  ask Uncle Fa for a 走地雞 — I wonder if the muscle content on a free range chicken makes a difference in the weight and size... I usually get a 5-6lb whole fryer chicken, but if a free range chicken is denser in the muscles, do I want a 6-7lb bird?
<input ... >  ask 發叔叔 to 把雞皮剝掉 and trim the fat for me
<input ... >  decide if I want it
          <input ... >  whole; or
          <input ... >  開四
<input ... >  brine the chicken ... didn't have time =P
<input ... >  throw it in the crockpot with the other things

Oh crap. Brother-in-Law has been sick, so I don't know if they'll let us in the ward to see my Mom. They give all visitors the nth degree about being sick and being around people who have been sick now. And they make you take a sonic anti-germ shower before entering... kidding, you just have to wash your hands properly, bendy knuckles and all. It's like brushing your teeth, if it takes less than 3-5 minutes, you didn't do it right.

We might wait until she's moved out to the University Hospital (better physio facilities) or wait until she's home.