February 15th, 2004


True Love

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How have I managed to stay together with userinfoA Guy who has forgotten/missed Valentine's Day for the 11th year in a row?

He didn't get pissy about driving with me to the ER, in the ice and snow, close to midnight, to see my Mom and be available for my Dad, who rode in the ambulance with her, which meant he had no ride home. And he went out there with me again when we found out that the paperwork couldn't all get through for the hospital to provide Mom dinner for the first night of her stay, so we had to make something and take it to her.

He was understanding and supportive enough to be okay with me removing my engagement/wedding rings for job interviews back in mid-2001.

He's always happy as a clam to see me after being apart for even a few hours. This was something my Mom noticed and told me about a month ago.

Some time ago, we were in a quasi-lineup to get food and I was in front of him. I took something and moved on. From behind me, he said, "Did you want this piece?"

Me: *giggle* If I wanted it, don't you think I would have taken it? =D

Him: Sometimes you don't take what you want because you think I want it. You're all silly like that.

It's things like this, all year around, that more than make up for it.