February 16th, 2004


Quit it! I'm supposed to be MAD right now! =D

weather: damp
outside: 7°C
mood: giggly
  • Work gave me a $40 gift certificate to a local brew pub restaurant because I was a big fat know-it-all and could explain the difference between ales and lagers Google for it. Thank you, Work!
  • I tricked a buddy boy into changing his display name to 大便頭 — he asked me about my "Black Paladin Girl" name and he wanted a cool Chinese Superhero nick as well. I told him it meant "big hero" *snick* *snick* >KD I seriously didn't think he'd fall for it, but he's right there in my contact list sporting the name "shit head". It's okay, I doubt any of his other friends would understand it and he changes his name every day anyway.

Dammit. How am I supposed to be upset for very long and stew about stuff when these things happen?!?! =) =D