March 7th, 2004


Weird Cravings

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mood: bizarre
Other women have weird food cravings, like children's gym shoes, chocolate with salad dressing and prawns in ice cream. This is usually associated with pregnancy, although not always; it could be hormones; it could be a nutritional defficiency. And it happens to men too.

_I_, on the other hand, have WEIRD CSS STYLING FEATURE CRAVINGS. O_o Kinda like this. This morning, in the shower, I suddenly reallyreallyreally wanted to be able to use the anchor style but non-clickable.

In the <style type="text/css">, I'd have:

a {

Then in my body text, I can go something like:

<span class="a">Hello World</span>

And the result would be:

Hello World

Why don't I just change the colours inline? Because it would show up in MY colours in YOUR Friends view. Everyone has a different Friends view layout that uses different colours and styles for links. I want it to pick up whatever link styling comes in everyone else's Friends view.

That's also why making another style definition of my own, that duplicates the anchor style definition, isn't what I want either. There would be no equivalent in everyone else's Friends view style sheet and it would default to the regular body text.

I could just make an anchor with an empty HREF. That would automatically style it correctly according to the style sheet definition wherever it is. But that makes the link clickable and, even though it only makes the page reload, I didn't want that either... especially with dynamic data pages, like a Friends view.

I don't know why I want this. I don't know when I'd EVER need to use this. BUT I WANT IT NOW. IWANNITIWANNITIWANNIT. *ahem* Sorry.

I'm terrified for userinfoHusband Guy when I do get pregnant. =O

0300h on a work night: "I want a Reverse Dictionary Utility. Now! GO WRITE ME A REVERSE DICTIONARY!!! *crywailcry* NOOOO IT HAS TO BE AN ORACLE ENTERPRISE BACKEND!!!!!!!! *LOUDSHRIEKING*" ... =O =D