March 14th, 2004


How Many Labels Do I Have?

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If I am just "The Bride" to you, then you are a member of the general public and a guest in my journal. Welcome =)

If you call me "新娘子", you're a friend of my husband's family who can't remember my real name to save your life. =D

If I am "Mrs. Lin" to you, then you are either a vendor or a friend who has invited me to his/her wedding.

If I am "Mrs. Hayashi", then you are most likely Japanese and found me on Orkut. =)

If I am "林玉蘋" (Lin YüPing) to you, then you know me from Orkut or you read my Chinese journal.

If you're confused as to why my initials are "J. L.", then you are a pre-LJ friend that I haven't explained it to. In which case, e-mail me and I'll explain =)

If you call me "Married Bum #2", you are my husband's Best Man. In which case, "Married Bum #1" says he's burning your CDs right now.

If you call me "大師姐", then WOW, 好久不見! E-mail me 90 SECONDS AGO!!! =D These would be the kids at the Guangdong University of Engineering where my father is alumni. We went back for the school's 40th Anniversary and I became a minor celebrity there, being a fellow Geek who could speak both English and Cantonese. They had me read one of the lessons aloud in the senior year Technical English class.

If you call me "舅媽" or "嬸嬸", you are one of my husband's cousins' children.

If you call me "婆婆", you are my little Granddaughter =)

If you call me "老大的太太", you are my husband's Grandfather and can never remember my name nowadays *sigh* =\

If you call me "嘉嘉", you are my parents or extended family on my side.

If you keep calling me by my brother's name and my brother by my name, you're my Mom.

If you call me "Hey" or just holler in my general direction, then you are userinfoHusband Guy.