April 9th, 2004


Cactus Club Café

weather: sunny
outside: 14°C
mood: okay
We went to the Cactus Club Café for lunch this afternoon.

I really liked their Jumbalaya Bowl. At some places, the jumbalaya is rice, tomato sauce, a few shrimp and that's it. This one had a lot of vegetables: haricot vert, corn, peas (that looked a lot like pygmy edamame), beans, celery, red and green peppers, scallions. Even if you had a vegetarian version of it without the shrimp, sausage and bacon, I think it would have been good too.

If I were making it myself, I might have stirfried the veggies and added a bit of salt before putting it into the rest of it. But, I think they just steamed them so it was very light, which was also nice.

And they used Nishiki rice that I like. I like ordering things with rice at restaurants, but it's always a crap shoot with Western restaurants. You can never be sure what they use. Usually, it's a longer grain one than I'm used to and it tastes like a tree.

</a></b></a> got the JD BBQ Chicken Breast Club which he says was really good.

My waiter, Dave A., did something interesting. When my ginger ale was empty, instead of taking my glass and bringing me a refill, he got another glass from the bar first, swooped over and exchanged the glasses. This is the first time I've had wait staff do that. It just made total sense and I'm now boggled at why no one else does this. I'm not without a drink for longer than I need to be; he won't get distracted and forget me between the two trips because if he does, I don't notice. =)

I'm not sure if he's the only one there who does this or if it's a new procedure thing, but I LIKE IT. =) It's very rare that I'm impressed by wait staff.

The washrooms are intriguing. All the Cactus Clubs now have the same style washrooms. I like the floor-to-ceiling walls. The seats have a plastic sheet covering it. There's a red button on the side that you press and hold that will feed the covering along so that you can sit on a clean seat. And it's a foot flush, because c'mon, who really flushes a public toilet with their hands anyway?

I'm raving about the state-of-the-art washrooms. You know I don't get out much =D