April 10th, 2004


LJ-Cut Manipulation - Different Text in Different Views

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timwi was playing with this today and I thought it was rather nifty:


Collapse ) Collapse )

bride Collapse )

The above is my LJ username. In the Recent, Friends and Day Views, it will be in English. In the Comment View, it will be in Chinese (which will show up as three rectangles if you don't have Foreign Language Support enabled on your machine).


Here's the HTML that does that:

... optional text in all views ...

<span style="display: none;"><lj-cut></span>
... text in the Comment View ...
<span style="display: none;"></lj-cut></span>

... optional text in all views ...

<span style="display: none;"><lj-cut>
<span style="display: none;"></lj-cut></span>
... text in the Recent, Friends and Day View ...
<span style="display: none;"><lj-cut></span></lj-cut></span>

... optional text in all views ...

Posted to lj_nifty here. I posted it with the English/Chinese LJ username example at first, but it was rejected for being too confusing (it looked like it was showcasing the lj user="..." instead of the lj-cut). I resubmitted it with the names of the views instead. =)


Easter Egg Hunt

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I participated in an Easter Egg Hunt for the first time in my life today. Lookit what I got:

Dev Hunter (Mini Spy Hunter)

  1. Start up Excel 2000.
  2. Under file menu, do "Save as Web Page".
  3. Click the "Publish" button.
  4. Select the "Add interactivity with:" checkbox (leave it on "Spreadsheet Functionality").
    1. If your default browser is IE, select the "Open published web page in browser" and click "Publish"
    2. If your default browser is not IE, then just click "Publish" and then manually open the .htm page with IE.
  5. You should have Excel in the middle of the page.
  6. PageDn to scroll to Row 2000.
  7. Select the entire Row 2000.
  8. Press and hold TAB to scroll to the right so that column WC is the active column.
  9. Hold down Shift + Ctrl + Alt and click the Office logo in the upper-left.

If you have DirectX, you will be playing what looks like Spy Hunter. Use the arrow keys to drive, space to fire, O to drop oil slicks, and when it gets dark, use H for your headlights. Have fun and don't touch the sides! =D

From http://eeggs.com/ and inspired by today's foxtrot_feed.