May 7th, 2004


Friday One - Current Thought

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On the inauguration of fridayfiver:

1. Describe one thought currently on your mind:

If 0% probability maps to a '0' rating and 1% through 100% is normalized over '1' to '9', then your algorithm should be: $SCL = 1 + ceiling(trunc($PROB)/11.11) and not "12.5" like your original code says.

Also, you should check for a percentage outside of the 0%-100% range (ie. -23%, 398369% and "blah%"). I'm thinking the alphanumeric will get converted to 0% anyway because the string to number conversion will fail, leaving you with '0', but please make sure. Thanks.

Okay, that's two thoughts. But I'm in the midst of talking to my Dev Guy. I haven't even run anything to test yet. This is just from code inspection. It's so easy to forget that when you're converting from cardinality to dimensionality, it's (y-x+1). I'm a bit worried about the alphanumeric though. Depending on the default return value on failure and not doing something specifically is dangerous.

My answers to all the other questions are boring. =P