May 13th, 2004


Skippy and Other Random Stuff

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[Edited: We now think Skippy is a girl.]

userinfoSkippy is still at the breeder's and she's doing well. She's mostly eating on her own during the day, but she was still being handfed once a day. We've been going over to play with her every other evening or so. I've noticed that her body has become more sleek, elongated and less like the pudgy baby that we first saw. But it's normal for them to lose a little weight when they wean.

Starting this week sometime, the breeder is going to stop feeding her altogether and monitor her for 48 hours. If she's okay after that period, hasn't lost too much weight or anything, she can come home with us.

They put a few other baby cockatiels in the same cage. Skippy is the oldest in there and the others have been following her lead at eating the seeds out of the cup. Aaawww... =)

We were approached by someone wanting to give up their 4 year old cockatiel for adoption. The lady said she has started working shifts and feels she would not have the time to give her bird, Sid. At first, we thought we could probably be able to handle two birds, no problem. But we've looked at the quarantine procedures and it sounds like the first month or two would be a fair undertaking for us to have both Skippy and Sid. They can't be in the same room, which means we'd have to buy another cage. We'd have to wash our hands in between handling each of them. We'd have more vet bills. I'm not sure we'd have the energy for that. I feel badly for Sid and if we'd known about him earlier, we might have just taken him instead of buying Skippy. We'll see.

Other random update things:

  • One of my latest projects went RC today.
  • My long o's have suddenly morphed into an Θu diphthong. I need to stop it.
  • B is getting married the first weekend in June and my beautician is booked up solid until after the wedding. I'm going to this place close to work once or twice for the wedding. They're more expensive though, but Lily is a lot further out of my away =P
  • userinfoHusband Guy is going to mow the lawn. This worries me because A) he's never mowed a single blade of grass in his life and B) he has furious allergies (we both do). We have business cards for a few landscaping services, but he says he wants to do it himself.