May 27th, 2004


If You're Not Talking About Beer...

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... then I don't want to hear about a draft.

No, no. The Snopes entry is a MUST READ and it's syndicated on LJ here.

The general consensus is that it's very likely bullshit, but still a(n) [almost negligible] sliver of possibility.

There would be a fair pool of knowledgeable people in the debate community (at least the more intelligent back-and-forth threads should be a good indicator) and snopes_dot_com should be REQUIRED READING.

And wow, lookit, the Lhasa Apso is not a Tibetan snow rabbit. I coulda been hoodwinked. =D


Getting Sid's Health Back On Path

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We took birdinfoSid to Dr. McDonald this morning. He's most likely 6-8 years old. He's in fair shape, but there's something nasty going on under his wings that could be a staphyloccal infection.

The amount of feather loss that we've seen since Sunday is at least partially because of that, but it looks like we also caught him during a molt — they molt about once or twice a year. But there were two down feathers that had black tips, which means blood, which means he plucked them.

We got oral antibotics, vitamin loaded food, two topical creams and instructions to do an epsom salt rub. He overgrooms, which is understandable because of the boredom.

His claws were way too long and we got them trimmed but his crooked feet are probably from a calcium defficiency as a baby.

He's getting a full blood test panel, fecal panel including testing for Giardia. We have to make sure birdinfoSkippy doesn't get anything that might be airborne communicable.

Sid is looking like about $500+'s worth of work (and that's IF he doesn't test positive for anything else wrong), plus more in terms of effort from us. He's not hand-friendly and we'll have to hold him down, medicate him, rub all kinds of gucky stuff on his armpits, hose him down with the spray bottle every day for the first little while... which I can't imagine he'd be used to, much less enjoy... =P

Realistically, any cockatiel we adopt will be at least $350+ of tests before we can feel safe putting it in the same room as Skippy after the quarantine period.

We're not going to put them in the same cage, just in the same room so that they have some companionship during the day while we're gone.



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Session Start (Brother Boy:Sister Girl): Thu May 27 16:11:26 2004
Brother Boy: hey I got into SFU =)
Me: OH WOW!!!

My brother was accepted to Simon Fraser University!!!!!!!!

He didn't think his marks were high enough for the Faculty of Applied Science, but he made it!!!!!! He made it!! He made it!!!!!!