August 9th, 2004


時光倒流 Echos of the Past

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I was over at my parents' place this weekend and decided that I wanted to scan in some of their old photos to keep.

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The middle pic in the top row has always been my favorite. It's what everyone calls "The Movie Star Picture". The studio blew it up and hung it in their shop window. She got pissy at them and they gave her a large wallet size and a smaller thumbnail print free. =)

My Mom made all her own clothes, she rarely bought anything to wear. She had the loveliest long straight hair when she graduated from highschool. Then she got it all cut off. =(

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The top right picture had faded to almost an undiscernable grey blob. I'm glad I managed to tweak it in PaintShop Pro so that you can actually see something. =P That's my Dad with his sister, my 姑媽, the day before she got married to my Uncle Liang. She's about 10 years older than my Dad. I hear she used to be a Bitch Queen Supreme, but by the time I met her, time had mellowed her into an easy-going grandmotherly lady. While we were there, her daughter-in-law joked and said things that Dad said she would NEVER have stood for when she was younger.

Collapse ) That would have been smack dab in the middle of the Cultural Revolution (New Year's Day 1969). Marriage was just a paper-pushing exercise in a stuffy, smelly office with an asshole clerk who hated his job and made absolute certain that you knew it too. No vows, no family, no special attire of any kind, no flowers, nothing but signing on the solid line at the bottom. Wedding celebrations were a bourgeois habit that good citizens did not engage in.

But there are no regrets either. That was just a part of the times. No one else had the freedom or the means to do wedding banquets either.

On a happier note, here's me being a little Null Pointer. For some weird reason, I loved to point at the camera. There are a bunch of pictures of me from age 2-4 and I'm pointing in almost every one. I think it's because someone pointed at the camera to try to make me look over there and I took that to mean you're supposed to point all the time. =D