August 10th, 2004

eLouai - The Crush List

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For this exercise, my definition of "crush" is "I wanna see if you added me". =) Crush Meme
Number of crushes on me so far: 26

LJ username:

I've only been able to figure out 2 of the 26. One of them defines "crush" as "hey, I think your journal is nifty" and I think she's nifty too. The other probably just added me to see if I added him — Hey you! *wave* I owe you a scan, I've been busy, sorry. I'm on it. =) I should really try to expedite that, now that he's declared his love for me in public (er, well, in not-quite-public public).

Oh, and I figured out a third one, too =) Then there are 23 others that are not on my Friends list, nor have they added me to their Friends list.

Uh, hmm... I think it's broken. 23 people have a crush on me? That sounds like way too many and it keeps creeping upwards too. There's no way 23 whole people like me.

I got together with incognita to experiment because I had a theory that when people add you, it increments the number. But when they remove you, instead of decrementing, it still increments the count. But I saw it go up by 1, then back down by 1 when she removed me.

So, wow. I guess 26 whole people like me. =)